Jelmer is an all around bass player, meaning that he will try to adapt his style of playing as best fitting to the music and circumstances. Improvisation is always a key element of this, as well as groove. Next to the job of being a 'side man', which he enjoys a lot, his personal style explores all the possibilities of the instrument. Jelmer has been interested in bending the uses of the electric bass since his first contact with the instrument. He does this by a combination of electric, digital, analogue and acoustic-prepared effects. His 'prepared bass' playing combines the use of common and uncommon objects on top of the instrument, resulting in unusual sounds. Amongst these objects are spatulas, clips, amplifier magnets, nails, headphones and bows. In recent years, Jelmer has specialized in Synth-Bass playing as well.


Education - begining


Jelmer started his musical life at age five. After a brief stop at the drums, he decided to play the piano. From age six till thirteen Jelmer studied classical piano, at this time he also started writing his first short compositions. Although he had a lot of love for the piano, it was not his final instrument. After holding a bass once during a school class, he decided to study the bass guitar and form his first bands. In this period he discovered that his favorite thing to do is improvising. He decided that in order to become the best improviser he could, he had to study jazz music.


Education - higher


After high school at age eighteen Jelmer got admitted at the prestigious Prins Claus Conservatorium's ´New York comes to Groningen´ jazz program which he graduated in the summer of 2015. In this program he had the opportunity to get taught by and play with teachers such as; Gene Jackson, Robin Eubanks, Alex Sipiagin, Michael Moore, David Berkman, Don Braden, Joe Locke, Joris Teepe, JD Walter, Steve Altenberg and many more. His main lessons where taught by the great dutch bassist Mark Haanstra. As part of the European 'Erasmus program' Jelmer did one guest year of his studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig Germany. Here he got private composition lessons by the famous jazz pianist Richie Beirach, which influenced him a lot.




Composing has always been an important part of making music for Jelmer. Since a young age he has been writing music in various styles. At the moment he is focusing on getting a better understanding of orchestrations, next to writing through composed songs for an upcoming project.




In 2016, after finishing a contract as the house bassist of the 'HAL MS Zuiderdam' cruise ship. Jelmer moved to Berlin and has since then become one of the active musicians on the scene.

Amongst the musicians he has worked with are:

Adedeji Adetayo (Guitar/Vocals), Bobbie Ray (Drums), Cecilie Sadolin (Vocals, Composer),

Don Braden (Saxophone), Hiske Oosterwijk (Vocals),

Jen Dale (Vocals), Joel Holmes (Piano),

Kurt Weiss (Trumpet/Conductor), K.Zia (Vocals),

Mamour Sequim (Percussion), Migloko (Vocal),

Nippy Noya (Percussion), Rolf von Nördeskjilt (Saxophone),

Steve Waterman (Trumpet), Wayne Snow (Vocals).