1. The root of nine is three, there are three members in Rootnein.

2. In Germany ‘nein’ means ‘no’. This band is formed by three foreigners in a country where they lost all their roots.

3. In music, a root is the fundamental tone of a compound tone or of a series of harmonies.



Rootnein is an instant composing, boundary exploring, but groove loving band of three young European musicians living in Berlin. These three guys met in the autumn of 2013 in Leipzig Germany. In this European capital of 'hipness' they tried to start a traditional band. You know, one with written out compositions that are played the same over and over again. Of course this was doomed to fail. That’s why they decided to try and listen to some music and then just ‘react’, what happened next exceeded all of their expectations.


This brings us directly to the Rootnein formula; one takes a sound, a piece of music, an ocean background, the chatting of some people, an acoustic or amplified sound installation. That’s where the improvisation starts, and from there on the band brings it’s listeners into a trance like state, melting groove after groove together.


The Rootnein experience is not just a musical journey, but one that combines different styles of expression; sound, visuals and theatrics. Often, their concerts take place in unusual locations; basements, galleries, living rooms, containers, window displays and even old-brothels. Whenever they play in concert halls, they will make it visually attractive. For this they frequently collaborate with different artists, who make everything from video effects, to full blown installations and performances. Because everything they play is improvised, the band has a very intimate relationship with it’s audience, during and after the concert. Rootnein is not an experience you see happening, it’s an experience that you help create.


It is Reaction Music...


José Serrano - trumpet, synths, FX's

Pedro Almiro - drums, synths, percussion

Jelmer de Haan - bass, synths, FX's