Band coaching

One of the things that has taught me the most was when an outsider came into the rehearsal room. Just one rehearsal with someone else present will make a band's playing remarkably different. In these lessons I will come to your rehearsing space and watch your band play. I will give both personal feedback for individuals and will give more general group instructions. Topics will include; sound balance between instruments, group dynamics, stage presence, time feel, listening to each other and the general 'how to sound good' aproach.

Write me with a little description of what you need and the location of the rehearsal, and I'll get back to you with an offer.

I am also one of the mentors of the Amateur Rock Band program 'Bands'.

We match musicians based on their level, set up weekly rehearsals in a great studio and give you the professional guidance that you need.

More information about 'Bands':

'Bands' Promo Video

Video Tutorial I made for 'Bands'