I am available for recording sessions in recording studios, and also offer to record bass lines for you in my own studio in Berlin-Neukölln. My small studio space is equipped to record good quality bass and synth tracks, but is not suited for bigger live recordings.

If you don't have your bass line or arrangement ready, I can help you to create these. Of course I can also recreate your lines note for note, through sight reading or learning by listening.

Specialized in: 

Laid-back Grooves, Pop, (Neo-)Soul, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Ska, Singer-Songwriter, Folk.

Able to play with or without click-track, record live and overdub.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.

For pricing, please send me a message with a description of the work that you require and where it would take place.

What people say about me

"...his work had a great impact on the song which found later a publishing deal with Universal Production Music Germany."

David Naville - Pyrame, Great White Shark

" He approached my music in a way that was honestly and carefully balanced between

brain-machine-note-learner-sight-reader and curious-heart-'what about this?'-excited. "

Daniel Bellefeuille - Singer, Pianist and Composer.

Sound examples - from recording studios

You can hire me to record basslines for you in a recording studio. I will show up prepared and will do everything I can to make you happy and get you the bassline and sound that you want. In case you need an extra set of ears to work on the arrangement or production, I am always happy to give my opinion.

The next couple of examples are from some studio sessions I did in professional recording studios. There is a little description of each on how the recording process went, and what my role was.

If you have any questions or doubts on what option would be right for you, write me!

I'd be happy to talk about it by mail, on the phone, or over a coffee in my studio.

I came up with the basslines for this track by Molly's Peck. It was recorded live, without bass overdubs, in the Jazzanova Studios Berlin. The bass I used was my 1983 Precision with Flatwound strings, going through my Ampeg PF-50 straight into the mixing console.

I came up with the basslines for this song. It was recorded with click-track at the 'Spitbergen' studio in Groningen. I played the studio's 1960's Fender P-Bass.

This is an example of an isolated bassline and the final mixed products. I was called as a part of the Berlin band 'Currao' for this session in the 'UFO studios'.

The session was for a Mexican-German school exchange program of the 'Bundes Verwaltungsamt ZfA'. I learned the song on the spot and played it live on my 1983 Precision bass through the studio's DI-box.

See the full video: here

Feel free to contact me for more information


Sound examples - from my Studio

I do my day-to-day work from my studio in Berlin-Neukölln. It is where I practice, work on my own music and record for others. 

With my selection of analog preamps and good quality instruments, I get a professional sounding alternative for music that is more overdub based, post-production heavy, or simply for people on a smaller budget. 
Here are a couple of examples of recordings I did in my studio, and a description of the way I recorded them.

If you have any questions or doubts on what option would be right for you, write me!

I'd be happy to talk about it by mail, on the phone, or over a coffee in my studio.

I came up with the E-bass lines for this song, which I recorded over a demo version of the song. I recorded them in my workspace through a 'Tech 21 Sansamp' preamp as a DI signal, as well as a a mic'ed signal from a Epifani UL900 amp with 2x12 cab. I played my Ibanez SR1000 Prestige 4 string bass with roundwound strings.

Most of this bassline was pre-written, I was given a demo recording for this bassline and learned it by ear, I was left the freedom to do some small improvements. I recorded it through my 'Tech 21 Sansamp' preamp, and on much of the recording I used the 'Boss OC-2 Octaver' pedal.

These are some examples of unedited basslines I can offer from my studio, and for each a description what gear was used.