Private lessons

I offer private lessons in e-bass, music theory, ear training and composition, or any combination of those.

Programs are custom-made to provide for the students' musical wishes (bring in the songs you want to learn!), and also include my own-made exercises. 

Locations: in Berlin-Kreuzberg (Paul-Lincke-Ufer) and Berlin-Reinickendorf (Scharnweberstr.)

Languages: English, German or Dutch

The classes I offer

These classes can be taken separately or in any combination.

Bass lessons:

I teach all levels, from complete beginners up to aspiring professionals. I like to focus on the musical interests of the student, so you can bring the songs that you want to learn! Of course, I also have my own propositions as well as a big repertoire of exercises I have created myself.

Some of the things we will work on: getting a nice sound, playing with groove and feeling, a good technique to play more efficiently and prevent injuries, timing, improvising bass lines on chord structures, bass soloing, the different bass techniques (fingerstyle, slapping, popping, palm-mute, plectrum, playing chords a.o.), understanding how the equipment works.

Music theory:
First there was music, and the theory came second. Nonetheless, knowing some theory is very helpful for both the amateur and (aspiring) professional musician. Theory lessons focus on chords, scales, rhythm, harmony, music notation, basic piano skills and the understanding of how they all come together.

Ear training:
In these classes your ears will be trained to be more conscious about what they are hearing. Recognizing different tones will greatly help your improvisational, composing and general music skills. We will practice to recognize and understand; melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

Writing is more than just inspiration. We will work on improving your compositions, writing new ones and looking at examples from others. Basic piano skills, music notation, instrument functions, strong melodies, bass lines, harmonies and 'how to get inspired' are all things that we will discuss.


Drop In Class

Trial-Class, 45min : 25,-

Single Lesson, 45min : 45,-

Single Lesson, 60min : 60,-

*Trial lesson is only valid once per person.

*Lessons that are canceled with less than 24-hour notice do not qualify for rescheduling and should be paid in full.

Weekly Class

*Classes meant to be taken every week

*Lessons do take place during Berlin's school holidays.
*In case one of us cannot make the class, the lesson will be rescheduled.

*Lessons that are canceled with less than 24-hour notice do not qualify for rescheduling.

*You can cancel any cycle

Price per 4 lessons, 45min : 150,-

Price per 4 lessons, 60min : 200,-

Multi-Class Card

5 Classes, 45min. 200,-

5 Classes, 60min. 265,-

*To be used up in 12 weeks' time

*Lessons that are canceled with less than 24-hour notice do not qualify for rescheduling.

Here are some online tutorials I made, that provide an example of my teaching.

How to use subdivisions

How to use an amplifier and eq

What my students say about me

"Jelmer hat nicht nur fundierte Musikkenntnisse, sondern auch ein Talent, diese mit viel Geduld zu vermitteln. Der Unterricht ist sehr anspruchsvoll aber auch mit viel Spaß verbunden. Ich kann Jelmer als Basslehrer nachdrücklich jedem empfehlen."

Ricardo Zeissig - Bass und Bandcoaching Student

"I know Jelmer both, as a bass teacher and as a band mentor.

He clearly has an impressive passion for creating music which I find always motivating - his skills at the instruments and talent to explain things in a digestible way make it easier & actually a fun experience for me to grow a bit as a musician."

Konrad Röpke - Bass and Bandcoaching Student

"Der Musikunterricht bei Jelmer ist wie für mich gemacht!
Am Anfang fiel es mir nicht ganz leicht damit anzufangen, durch seine freundliche und ruhige Art aber, habe ich mich dort sehr schnell wohl gefühlt. Sicherlich trägt auch die helle, angenehme Atmosphäre in seinem Studio dazu bei."

Roman - Bass Student

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