Whether it is jumping up and down excitedly while playing in front of a crowd of thousands, or playing discretely in the orchestra pit of a theater. Performing in a smokey jazz club, or all dressed up for a corporate event. I'm available for gigs of any kind; stand alone engagements, tours or long term commitments.

Some things I bring to the table: 

  • Experienced in playing all common styles of music
  • Specialized in Laid-back Grooves, Pop, (Neo)Soul, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Folk, Live-Electronic
  • Playing E-Bass (4- and 5-string), Upright Bass, Synth Bass and singing Background Vocals
  • Ability to learn a huge repertoire in a short time with a minimum (if any) of rehearsals
  • Able to play with or without click and backing track
  • Experienced with In Ear Monitoring
  • Experienced with being the Musical Director (leading a band, giving cue's and count in's)
  • Experienced sight reader
  • Good stage presence

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.

For pricing, please send me a message with a description of the work that you require and where it would take place.

What people say about me

“Jelmer is extremely professional. He is always willing to find the appropriate sound and is able to adapt to many different styles of music. He is punctual and is fun to hang out!“

Julia Selbherr, Guilherme Castelhano - Molly's Peck

"...he is my go-to bass player because of his undoubtable talent, impeccable taste, versatility, professionalism, and last but definitely not least, his high level of humanity. I always learn a lot from him and his approach to the industry, and I would recommend him to everyone."

Laura Lloreta -

Event Organizer (Noize Fabrik, Made in Berlin), Singer (Relatiiv)